The right to crochet arms

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Crochet a GunI never had a toy gun when I was a child. I remember „making“ a gun with my hands and shooting at criminals in my imagination. Recently my oldest daughter saw a plastic gun in a store and my first thought was „why plastic“? I can do better than that!“..

So I started crocheting and tadaahh… this is my first crocheted firearm! It can easily be used to scare off attackers, burglars and other criminals and even beginners can make one in no time! I’m sooo totally thrilled about the outcome that I started crocheting one for myself. In pink of course. Using fingering yarn I will crochet one for my keychain as well!

Crochet a gun 2

So, when I finished I thought of sharing this pattern with you in my store. And what happened? People got „offended“ and asked Ravelry to remove it. Geez! Anyone interested in this pattern can download it on ravelry here.

Have fun!


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