Libertarian Potholders

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Libertarian Crocheted PotholdersA while ago I posted some pictures of my „Ron Paul – Cake“ I baked for my own birthday. I shared the pictures with my libertarian friends on twitter not knowing that just a few days later I’d be crocheting some potholders for one of my best friends and huge Ron Paul admirer.

Fortunately I just had finished writing the manuscript of my second book and hadn’t started with the third book (yes, which I haven’t told you about yet, right?), so that I could spare enough time to crochet these patriotic potholders and an egg cozy. Surprisingly I had no difficulty sending those away to my friend being a Ron Paul fan myself, because I knew they’d be in good hands! Unfortunately I forgot writing the pattern down exactly for I was so eager to give them away…

Topflappen potholders

Well, I guess any beginner should be able to figure out the potholders. You just have to crochet a rectangle with single crochet rows in your desired colors and single crochet around once at the end. Before completing the round chain 9 for the loop to hang the potholder. The picture of the egg cozy should help the advanced crocheters among you to figure out that pattern as well. I hope you caught some inspiration.


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